Stoyko Chobanov was born in Jambol, Bulgaria in 1975 year. Since a child he has studied painting and wood-carving.
In 1993 he graduated the School of Fine Arts “Dechko Uzunov” in Kazanlak, Bulgaria. His teachers are Edrio Edrev and Hristo Hristov.
In 1995 he created his own work-shop for fine artistic professional instruments in Kazanlak.
Stoyko participated in the establishing of the Lutier Assotiation of the String Instruments Builders in Kazanlak. He participated in 10, 11, 12 and 13 Concorso Trienale Internationale in Cremona, Italy.
Stoyko Chobanov won 4th place for violin and 2nd place for cello at European Competition EUFONIA in Brussels 2009 year and took a special prize-golden medal for The Best Craftsman.
S.Chobanov won 8th place for violin at 6 The Violin Making Competition in Mittenwald.
In September 2011 year Stoyko Chobanov took part in 2nd International Competition for Stringed Instruments in Pisogne in Italy. He was awarded with special prize sculpture of the head.
Stoyko Chobanov is a member of the Regional Lutier Assotiation in Kazanlak. He is a member of the Bulgarian Masters Chamber.